And When We Weren't

Driving to Utah is always a blast.

When we weren't in the car driving to Utah, we could be found taking pictures of the St. Garge Temple.
(Yes, Garge. That's the way they say it here).

And when we weren't still driving to Utah, we could be found in our little lovely hotel room sleeping.

In the morning (when it wasn't Magleby's french toast for breakfast), it was doughnuts.
Little daddy-daughter doughnut runs.

Just doesn't get more peanutish than this little peanut.

When we weren't eating doughnuts, we were eating something else just as fattening and unhealthy... and acting like numskulls all at the same time.

And when Penny wasn't watching us act like numskulls, she could be found dreaming with Elmo.

And when Penny wasn't dreaming with Elmo, she could be found somewhere, but not in this picture. Apparently the photography at Tucano's isn't awesome.

And when we weren't eating greasy fatty foods, we were hanging out with non-greasy, not fatty, good friends.
Good enough friends that Dan and Tamio felt the need to "cover up" while all standing next to each other.

And when the boys weren't wishing they had StaBrent's 'stache, they could be found taking pics of their wives.

And when we weren't trying to figure out how to get one of the whole group, we were getting one of the whole group.

And when we weren't with old-time friends, we were hanging out with Josh and Caitlin. Talking about Indie-ness. Which leads me to a funny quote via Dan.

(Let me set the scenario)

Dan and I walk into Magleby's and there's a table full of male Indies. A couple of the Indies are looking at us and definitely saying things that most likely weren't positive. Was it because Dan wasn't wearing his wife's jeans like they all were? Maybe it was because he didn't have a thick scarf so perfectly wrapped around his neck. Who knows. Anywho, I wasn't about to tell Dan because I didn't want any words or looks exchanged.

Later on when they left, I told Dan. I explained that I didn't say anything because I didn't want him saying anything to them. My reasoning was (quote) "there were 10 of them and only one of Dan".
His exact response was, "10 indies and one of me? Ya, I'll take my chances."
The line of the year. Thank you Dan.

Back to Caitlin and Josh. And our fun conversations over ironing.

And when we weren't watching conference, we decided we also weren't going to look at the camera.

And while we weren't talking about indies, ironing, and conference, we could be found at Nie Nie's devotional on "Inner Beauty". Pretty awesome.

When we weren't somewhere among this sea of chaos...

We were driving back home.

And that was our Utah extravaganza in a nutshell.

Oh, and speaking of nutshells...


Dan said...

when I wasn't reading the blog I was being creeped out by the dead person's hand under caitlin's chin in the picture of you two acting like numskulls.

Caitlin Teal said...

hahaha dan's gay comment. when i wasn't reading this blog, i was being sad that you guys aren't here anymore. what a fun weekend. miss you guys. let's have a repeat. this time in cali. you guys better be ready for a day of F.U.N next week.

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh!! Beautiful Penny. I want her to live at my house! Loved the blog and am anxious to see it repeated somewhere. Haha. One observation...the first pic of Dan with Penny I thought... why are his pants so high..hahaha...then I saw the next pic and realized it was the backpack belt...phew. I knew Dan would never be indie but nerdy?? I was hoping not. And yes those indies would have been toast..pants way too tight to throw any kicks and arms probably too scrawny to make a difference.

Leslie said...

Oh yeah one more thing...I thought the same thing when I saw your restuarant pic on facebook and Penny was cut out. Haha I thought 'what does she need to pose with a boyfriend or husband to be included?'

Dan said...

when I wasn't thinking of this blog I was thinking about all the stuff we were supposed to do up there but didn't get a chance to because Penny couldn't keep up with us.

Brittany Golightly said...

Three things...
1- Aunt Leslie and I were on the same train of thought with Dan's pants... Pa ha. Phew. And LOVE the Becker (tear drop) shirt.
Seconduvly- Don't you dare ever come to Utah and not call me ever. again. Or there'll be hell to pay and see if I ever ask you out.
C- I wish Dan would come back and get rid of all the Indies once and for all. Tell him to. XO

Brookie said...

okay, i was reading dan's comment about the "dead hand" and so i scrolled up to see the picture and almost peed myself. HALARIOUS. aw, my little penini the peanut. so cute!

Melly Mel said...

penny is a little peanut! she is too cute. her eyes are soooo pretty. I loved catching up on your blog. Your family is busy!
Heard about Nie Nie and that it was incredible.
Let's get together soon!
PS... I'm loving all your outfits, your hair, your makeup!! girl... you are a cute mama!

Lauren said...

All I want to know is-- what kind of donuts?

And your little peanut is the cutest ever. She should model.

Stacey said...

And when I wasn't looking at your blog, I was thinking of a comment to make and when I wasn't thinking of a comment to make I was looking at your blog. It was such a vicious cycle I decided I wasn't going to comment and when I wasn't commenting I was feeling bad about not commenting. And when I was feeling bad about not commenting, I wasn't commenting still. So in order to not feel bad about something I wasn't doing, I decided to comment on this very cute blog with the most beautiful people, especially the little one sleeping with her arms up over her head. (I wasn't thinking about tickling her, really, I wasn't!) And when I wasn't thinking about tickling her, I was missing her. And when I was missing her I wasn't, oh, never mind...

Tracy said...

hahhahahah Stacey.. you WIN !